Disney’s Yellow Shoes Creative Group

Cover illustration for Eyes & Ears, Volume 43, #12. Cast members were chosen to be drawn as Safety Superheroes. I was provided with photo reference of each cast member and challenged with transforming them into superheroes with costumes based on their actual attire.

  • For Disney’s Yellow Shoes Creative Group.

Cover detail. Eyes & Ears Summer of Safety edition.

Cover detail 2.

Cover. Eyes & Ears Volume 43, #12. Summer of Safety Edition. Comic styled likenesses of seven cast members drawn as Safety Superheroes. All characters were illustrated and colored digitally, the castle and backdrop are illustrated traditionally. Left to Right: Ivy Li, Nicole Sniher, Art Belanger, Tim Lewis, Yanis Dimitropoulos, Kelly Jean and Phil Hong.

“Be Our Guest Guide” Cover artwork for Disney’s Yellow Shoes Creative Group. Brush, ink and zipatones.

Silhouette of Beast from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

Silhouettes of Disney’s Maleficent and Sleeping Beauty.